chen jianjun chairman of the board

born in december 1972. bachelor's degree. master of management, fudan university

from 1995, worked in zhenjiang foreign trade company and danyang foreign economic and trade commission

from 2015, served as the director and executive president of dareglobal technologies group co., ltd. and the president of power dekor group co., ltd.

from 2019, chairman of the board and president of dareglobal technologies group co., ltd.

dare science & technology group co., ltd

address: (212310) dare industrial park, no. 99, qiliang road, economic and technological development zone, danyang city, jiangsu province

tel: 86-511-86882222

fax: 86-511-86882405

address: (200120) floor 23, china merchants mansion, no. 161, lujiazui east road, shanghai

tel: 86-21-68883886

fax: 86-21-58883780

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