striving to become the world famous multinational enterprise



    inheritance and innovation<

    transformation and upgrading


    sustainable development


    transformation policy

    revitalizing the stock, controlling increment

    adjusting the structure, improving efficiency


    five great strategies

    green industrial chain

    home furnishing



    sustainable development



    we are an industrial pioneer

    redefine a new business mode by developing industry


    management policy

    high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, safety, environmental protection



    deliver value for customers

    create welfares for the employees

    create more benefits for the society



    struggle responsibility


    enterprise spirit

    pursuing the excellence, break the limit

    innovating and developing, fulfilling responsibilities


    operation philosophy

    inheriting and innovating, moving forward with wisdom


    code of conduct

    being an enterprise having ideal, ambition, foundation and feelings

    being an enterprise emphasizing loyalty, rules, learning and cooperation


    enterprise cultural construction goal

    stimulating creativities of employees

    enhancing the cohesion of enterprise

    improving the soft power of enterprise


    five strategic actions

    have a firm and indomitable perseverance

    inclusive and shared character

    must have the faith to open up innovation

    the spirit of responsibility


    the prerequisite for an enterprise management

    stabilizing the production and management, controlling systematic risks



    establishing more magnetic talent environment

    creating more energetic talent group



    enhancing the application of “digital dare”

    creating a vertical e-commerce landing service platform covering the whole industry chain

    promoting the innovation mode “internet manufacturing service”

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